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A man sitting at desk with a laptop and headphone

How I Reached Burnout

In 2005 I reached burnout, after 26 years in a high stress, toxic work environment.  I felt like I had slammed into a cement wall. 

business man stressed at work with hands on head

Why You Might Be Predisposed to Burnout

Many factors can cause burnout in the workplace, including: Unrealistic work expectations resulting in feeling out of control and overwhelmed Inability to prioritize tasks and

man outside with hand on head and a depressed look

5 Self-Help Strategies for Depression

It’s important to try a number of proven self-help methods in order to overcome depression. Some good strategies include exercising, getting enough sleep, creating social

woman with a depressed look sitting on pile of leaves

5 Myths about Depression

Depression is a serious mental illness that has become highly prevalent in the United States and around the world. Nearly 300 million people worldwide suffer

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