From Burnout To Best Life

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You don’t have to tolerate a toxic work environment or settle for a mediocre existence.  In this book, Lisa Hammett shows you it is possible to move beyond burnout to a fulfilling, purpose driven life.  She gives you the blueprint to create positive change and inspires you to take action and create your fantastic best life. 

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Lisa Hammett & From Burnout to Best Life

Published by John M. Jaramillo, MBA, MSOP

“From Burnout to Best Life really is a manual and tool box of insights, experiences, and exercises to put the knowledge Lisa shares into action. Lisa, a Success Coach, has lived the burnt-out life. She’s used the personal challenges and struggles she endured as the foundation for this book, being open and vulnerable about her own journey.”

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About the Author

Lisa Hammett was a stressed and completely burned out 26 year retail manager. Then in 2005 she took a leap of faith to follow her passion, reclaim her health, and drop 65 pounds. Her passion is guiding people to achieve their personal and professional goals. She believes that “Everything is possible if your head is in the game.” In the past 10 years Lisa has coached thousands of people to develop sustainable healthy habits that create the life they desire in their career, relationships, and overall wellness. This book is her guide to your best life. Get ready for an exciting and insightful journey.

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From Burnout To Best Life​


Ben Gold

“The best about the book is that it gave me the tools to get into the right mindset to do the things I need to do to succeed in my weight loss journey. Easy to read and easy to follow.”

Eden Lavine

“This is an empowering journey that isn’t just for consumption! Lisa takes you on a journey with actionable steps, goals, and commitment towards creating the change you have longed for. A powerful, focused, and easy to read that gives insight and truth with simplicity, detail, and inspired action!”

Cindy Herr-Pino

“Lisa does a great job of helping the reader change their perspective and, in turn,
change their life. Thank you Lisa, for this simple, yet powerful, approach.”

Susan Friedmann
CSP, international bestselling author of Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market

“If you want to help yourself out of burnout, this book is for you.

“From Burnout to Best Life” is the fuel you need to rekindle your fire to live a more joyful and motivational life.

Chockful of golden nuggets to avoid and overcome burnout, the author holds your hand through the entire book, teaching you how to unlearn bad habits about work and life.

Drawn from her own experience of complete burnout, it’s a practical guide for anyone who is living at too fast a pace, for too long, doing too much.”

My Team Jewelry
Small Business Owner

“This is a great book for anyone regardless of how busy one may be. The chapters are in easy, digestible parts that you can quickly and effectively cover every day. I have long had the problem of taking on way too many things at one time and Lisa’s reassuring and calming presence “talking” to me through her words and suggestions brought me back to balance and renewed energy. Highly recommend. All it takes is the first step and this is a perfect way to start!”

Sandra L.

“I love this book!!! It’s so raw, personal, practical and meaningful. I feel so enlightened and encouraged. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who has ever struggled with work-life balance. I like the way the author describes areas that most people struggle with when it comes to feeling overwhelmed. This book offers very specific strategies to overcome these challenges. It talks about mental wellness, purposeful strategies for a stress-free life, the importance of taking time for oneself, and the importance of physical wellness and how it all ties together. I highly recommend buying this book for yourself, and also buying one for someone you care about. It is honestly a MUST read!!”