Changing Your Mindset with Affirmations

Did you know that our thoughts impact our feelings, which impact our actions? Stated another way, what we think about, we believe, and what we believe, we achieve. For example, if we consciously tell ourselves often, that we cannot lose weight or have no willpower, chances are, we won’t lose weight or have willpower.


Conversely, if we tell ourselves often that we are losing weight (or have lost the weight) and have an abundance of self-control, our actions will reflect our mindset. It’s one thing to tell ourselves positive things when we’re happy and satisfied with where we are in our life journey. However, when challenges arise, it can be difficult to think positively, especially when we don’t feel that we’re capable of achieving our goals and desires.


One way to change a negative mindset to a positive mindset, is thru affirmations. Affirmations are carefully formatted statements, repeated frequently, that are written down and stated in the present tense, as if they have already occurred. They are always positive, personal, and specific. An example might be, “I am at my healthy weight and feel fantastic! I have abundant energy and feel confident.” What makes affirmations work is repetition. Think of it as creating a habit for your brain. By repeating a positive affirmation frequently, you are creating and strengthening a neuropathway in your brain. With enough repetition, this thought process will become automatic. Your brain will react as if you’ve already accomplished what you set out to do. Your actions will reflect the positive mindset. In this example, you’ll make better choices for your total health and wellness. These choices will help you reach your healthy weight and become your best self.

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