All Entrepreneurs Should Practice These Self-Care Activities To Stay At The Top Of Their Game

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When you are self-employed, it is easy to get caught up in the daily tasks that are necessary to run a thriving business. Between client work, social media ,marketing, and everything else, many entrepreneurs forget to take care of themselves. While it may be tempting to work countless hours each week, Psychology Today advises taking care of yourself in order to prevent exhaustion and ,burnout. It’s only when you invest in yourself that your business can continue to grow and flourish.

Need help with creating a solid self-care routine? Success coach ,Lisa Hammett reveals the self-care activities that all entrepreneurs should be practicing to stay at the top of their game.

Utilize Relaxation Techniques Throughout the Day

Relaxation techniques are a powerful tool for diffusing stress in challenging moments. Meditation, deep breathing, and grounding are all excellent ways to release tension, and bring you back into the present moment.

However, rather than using these techniques as stress pops up during the day, many individuals practice them at the start or end of their day. Although you’ll still experience benefits by doing this, relaxation techniques are most effective when used as needed.

The next time a difficult situation arises during your work day, take a break to try a guided ,meditation, a deep breathing exercise, or a grounding activity. When you utilize techniques like these the moment you experience stress, you’ll feel much more of a profound effect. Even if a stressful event doesn’t occur, set reminders to check in with your feelings. You may be holding on to tension without realizing it.

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Simplify Your Days

Another effective way to practice self-care as an entrepreneur is to simplify your day as much as you can. Not only will this strategy make your days run smoother, but it will also free up more time for self-care activities.

Need some ideas on how to simplify your work day? Consider outsourcing marketing tasks, social media posts, and bookkeeping. Also, the benefits of forming an LLC (e.g. limited liability, tax advantages, less paperwork) are both good for business and for relieving stress. While you can do this work on your own, there are affordable services online that make the process easier and quicker. These services from an ,online formation company will file all the necessary paperwork with your state and then provide you with the documents you need.

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Nurture Your Physical Health

When you’re always occupied with running your business, your physical health can take a backseat. In the interest of time, you may be eating more fast food than usual, skipping workouts, and forgetting to take essential supplements. Skipping ,healthy habits can quickly lead to excess fatigue and illness.

To ensure that your body stays as healthy as possible, Buffer suggests ,creating a routine around habits that support your health. Ideas for changing up your routine include waking up earlier to make a smoothie, assembling nutritious grab-and-go lunches at the start of your week, setting a reminder to take your supplements, and scheduling your workouts (instead of going only when you feel like it).

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Don’t Forget to Take Care of Your Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health. After all, the stress and demands of running a business can increase feelings of anxiety and depression if you aren’t taking care of yourself. If you’ve been feeling like your mental health is suffering, don’t postpone seeking help. On a regular basis, show your mind some love by meeting with a therapist, exploring the idea of medication, practicing meditation, and spending quality time with friends and family.

The need for self-care increases when you take on the responsibilities of becoming an entrepreneur. So schedule time for yourself, just like you would a client. Then, when self-care time is on the books, show up with your full self and give yourself the attention you need and deserve.

Success coach ,Lisa Hammett helps business professionals release limiting beliefs that are preventing them from achieving their best life.

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