Life Changes from the Pandemic and Why Self-Care is More Important Than Ever

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To say that the pandemic has shaken the world would be an understatement. This crisis has changed how we work, learn, interact, and maintain our health as regulations have led to a more virtual existence, both professionally and personally.


The Pandemic Triggered Significant Life Changes


According to recent surveys, the pandemic has changed the way people approach their mental and physical health in both positive and negative ways. As months passed, with no relief, many individuals have started to seek ways to become healthier and live a more fulfilling life. Lisa Hammett is a Success Coach who helps individuals become the best version of themselves, live a happier life, and maintain their mental and physical health. Overall, there are numerous ways this pandemic has changed our habits, both by force and by choice.


Mental Health Challenges


Unsurprisingly, the crisis has created a wave of mental health conditions, including depression, social isolation, addiction, and general stress resulting from the constant flow of negative information. To add to this, millions have lost their jobs and homes, flooding the job market. Even the way we shop for groceries has changed. People feel lost, which adds to confusion.

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Throughout this crisis, we’ve seen both drawbacks and benefits of being quarantined with family for prolonged periods. There’s the added stress for families who have to cope with remote learning situations and at-home work. Being stuck with so many people in a house can become overwhelming. However, when approached with a positive mindset, these environmental challenges can become less daunting. COVID has provided an opportunity for quality family time and personal self-reflection. There’s time for home projects and adopting new hobbies. Looking at the positives is the first step in adapting to an ever changing environment. Other ways to improve mindset, include, limiting your news intake, incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, as well as quality vitamin supplements to boost your immune system. Finally, take time for yourself when you feel overwhelmed: enjoy a good book, meditate, take a walk, listen to favourite music, take a bubble bath, knit, or start a puzzle.


Pandemic-Induced Hesitation


While most of the world has come to a stop during the pandemic, the need for money has not. Many people have lost their jobs, their homes, and loved ones, without being able to do anything about it. The world’s alert state has seeded hesitation in many people’s minds, but there are a few things that cannot wait, no matter the situation.


Acquiring a job, maintaining your health, and practicing self-care are a few things you cannot postpone. It may be necessary to make a move. If purchasing a home, clean up your credit reports before applying for a loan. In today’s crazy market, it is essential to prequalify or have cash on hand, before putting an offer on property. It is definitely a seller’s market. Make sure you have quality representation, to successfully navigate the buying process. A realtor will also advise you on design trends, location, amenities, and available space.


Staying Healthy During the Pandemic


Today, more than ever, it is critical to focus on self-care. Despite busy lives, we cannot afford to disregard our personal care. Neglecting self-care can allow small issues to fester and grow into serious health problems. Do not allow fear to prevent you from taking care of yourself. Regular wellness checks are essential.

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Use this time to get healthier in many areas: Get out in the sun (our bodies need Vitamin D), experience nature, sleep more, make healthier dietary choices, and start exercising. By developing the right mindset, setting small, realistic goals, and through repetition, you will develop sustainable, healthy habits, while maintaining your mental, emotional, and physical health. If you work from home, you might consider registering for a flexible fitness program. You can find many free workout classes on YouTube. Rethink your diet. Do you have healthy snacks on hand, or is your pantry full of processed temptations…cookies, chips, crackers? Has take-out become the new norm? Search the internet for healthy, minimal ingredient, time saving, family friendly recipes. is a great resource. If you have kids, involve them in the food prep and meal selection. Ensure you are scheduling “me time” as well.


Challenges of a Pandemic

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The pandemic has changed our environment and how we live our lives. When our environments change, so do our behaviours. Unhealthy habits often materialize. You may feel out of control and unsure where to start. Reach out to your health care professional, a health coach, friend, or family member for advisement and accountability. Taking the first step to changing your overall health and wellness is sometimes the hardest, but most important. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. Self-care is not selfish. It’s necessary. Commit to your overall health and wellness. You’re worth it!


Success Coach, Lisa Hammett, helps clients achieve optimal health by creating sustainable healthy habits, increasing confidence, overcoming barriers and fears, and developing a positive, growth mindset, so they can live their best life. Sign up for success coaching today.

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