When and How to Manage Rational Behavior for Stress Reduction and Healthier Relationships

A character trait of many executives is an intense and active mind. The ability to focus and apply rational thought to projects and processes can be very effective for business growth and productivity. If taken to the extreme, it can limit the depth and flexibility of relationships in work and life by analyzing as opposed to experiencing feelings. According to Positive Intelligence, this is defined as Hyper-Rational behavior.

woman focused on business task at computer with windows in background.

Individuals with Hyper-Rational traits can be perceived as cold, distant, and arrogant. Feelings are considered distracting, especially when it comes to completing projects. Because these individuals are highly task driven, their self-worth is often attached to mastering knowledge and competence.

Hyper-Rational individuals are often frustrated when others become emotional. They become anxious about preserving personal time, energy, and resources against intrusions. Showing vulnerability is stressful and considered a waste of time. As a result, they often feel misunderstood, becoming skeptical or cynical.

Hyper-Rational behavior prevents deep, meaningful relationships in work and life due to analyzing rather than experiencing feelings. This can lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction.


Developing mental fitness creates awareness of negative thought patterns, reduces frustration and anxiety, and makes it easier to shift to a positive mindset, resulting in improved communication and productivity. Mental fitness creates awareness of rational behavior that has been taken to the extreme. It does not stop rational thought, but addresses the negative behavior that is often associated with it, such as irritation when others become emotional or want to have a vulnerable discussion.

If you’d like to learn more about how mental fitness can improve your performance and relationships I encourage you to book a Discovery Call.

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