Why Mindfulness Is Important

Mindfulness is the act of being aware and present in the current moment without judgment. When we are mindful, we can improve our overall health and wellness, relieve stress, improve sleep, and focus attention on what truly matters. Mindful individuals make healthier choices, and are happier. They react more objectively to stress factors, choosing to focus on what they can control versus what they can’t control.


Meditation and taking time to just “be” in the moment, can improve mindfulness.

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Look down and notice how you’re breathing – is your chest rising and falling?


Breathing with our chest is typical, especially when we’re exercising – but doing so creates shallow breaths that can signal to our bodies that we’re in ‘fight or flight’ mode.


When you’re feeling a strong emotion coming on, shift your breathing so that your belly rises and falls. This will allow for deeper breaths that signal to the body that all is well!

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It’s easy to go through your day in autopilot. Unfortunately, when you live life in autopilot, you often miss out on truly joyful experiences.


Washing your hair? Take in the smell of the shampoo, feel the water caress your skin, and apply pressure through your fingertips to massage your scalp.


Vacuuming the floor? Any repetitive or seemingly monotonous task is the perfect time to tune into your breathing and feel some instant gratification from the work you’re doing. If you’re trying to add more steps into your day, vacuuming will become your best friend!


What’s something that you do everyday that could be improved with mindfulness?

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