Speaker - Lisa Hammett

Since 2011, Lisa has been speaking to business owners and professionals regarding health, wellness, mindset, and stress management. In 2020 she began speaking professionally in virtual summits. She now speaks to audiences, in person and virtually, on the importance of stress management to prevent burnout. She integrates her journey of moving past burnout to a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.

Lisa also speaks on the following topics:

* Building sustainable healthy habits

* The importance of self-care for business and personal success

* Creating a laser focused vision for success

* Creating a positive mindset for success, by developing mental fitness

Please call or email for speaker rates.  A 50% deposit is required to reserve the date with the balance due on the day of the event.  Special considerations may be made for non-profit organizations.

Lisa Hammett Speaking Videos

Lisa is an engaging, relatable, motivational speaker and storyteller. She leaves her audience with practical, easy to implement tips that can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle.


Alyssa Berthiaume | Writer

I had the pleasure of hearing Lisa speak at a Live event in April 2022 and she was terrific – energetic, honest, real, funny, and oh so practical. She reminded me of such simple practices to improve overall health and reduce stress. If you’re looking for someone to speak to your group and help them move away from burnout to a better life, you’ll want to bring in Lisa.

Edie Clarke | Video Creator & Editor

I had the pleasure of watching Lisa present on the ways to manage stress and burnout at Virtual Expert Live in Dallas where we both spoke. She described scenarios that cause the stresses that lead to burnout and ways we can manage them through visualization. Lisa is a dynamic speaker who is extremely well informed on this topic and entertaining to boot.

Sarah A. Page | Virtual Construction Accountant

I listened to Lisa speak at a conference that I attended in April 2022. Lisa gave an engaging presentation. She had a great way of looking at how to deal with stress. She doesn’t believe in removing everything that brings us comfort in stressful situations but how to use a little to help make the rest work better. Her ideas are simple and will make a much better foundation to build good habits on.