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Speaker - Lisa Hammett

For 12 years, Lisa has been speaking to audiences about creating work/life balance, mindset, health, wellness, stress management, goal achievement, and habit formation.  She integrates her story of moving past burnout to a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.

Speaking topics:

* How to Deal with Burnout Before it Happens
* The Truth About Work/Life Balance: What REALLY Works!
* How to Make Healthy Habits Stick
* How To ACCELERATE Your Success and ACHIEVE Any Goal Faster!

Audience takeaways:

* Practical Tips to Manage Stress in the Moment in All Areas of Life
* Practical Tips for Living a Balanced Life
* Three Steps to Habit Formation
* Five Steps to Creating a Winner’s Mindset For Goal Achievement

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Lisa Hammett Speaking & Media Videos

Lisa is a dynamic, relatable, transformational speaker and storyteller. She leaves her audience with practical, easy to implement tips that can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle.


Edie Clarke | Video Creator & Editor

“I had the pleasure of watching Lisa present on the ways to manage stress and burnout at Virtual Expert Live in Dallas where we both spoke. She described scenarios that cause the stresses that lead to burnout and ways we can manage them through visualization. Lisa is a dynamic speaker who is extremely well informed on this topic and entertaining to boot.”

ABWA Charisma Chapter | Stress Management to Prevent Burnout

“Discussed right brain and how we should live there. I love that and it stuck with me.”

“It was a great session about how to help yourself get out of a negative mindset.”

“Great content and interaction. Very valuable for women in the workforce.”

Sarah A. Page | Virtual Construction Accountant

“I listened to Lisa speak at a conference that I attended in April 2022. Lisa gave an engaging presentation. She had a great way of looking at how to deal with stress. She doesn’t believe in removing everything that brings us comfort in stressful situations but how to use a little to help make the rest work better. Her ideas are simple and will make a much better foundation to build good habits on.”

Janet Berstein | Coach & Facilitator at CertainPath, Author, Speaker

“I asked Lisa to speak to a chapter of American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) on her topic of burnout and stress relief, and she was engaging and relatable. Everyone loved the tips and tricks shared, and I learned a few new things about mental fitness! Highly recommend Lisa as a speaker and presenter. She is professional, concise, funny, and friendly.”

2023 AOHP National Conference

“It was so great! After a very long 3 days and what could have been a sleepy afternoon, this talk was energizing! Great content, questions, and loved her walking around the room. Haven’t seen a speaker do that in a long time!”

“Insightful and meaningful. Lisa is very engaging, passionate and knowledgeable person. She genuinely wants to help others balance their life and reduce their stress.”
So valuable to apply to personal life and to encourage the people I see to put time into themselves too. Thank you so much, I am excited to get to work on myself!
“Relatable and energetic, while providing practical tips which can me implemented immediately.
“Lisa should be invited to additional conferences!!