Where Will You Be Jan. 1st?

As we wrap up the final months of the year, have you taken the time to assess where you’ll be January 1 if nothing changes? If you’re currently stressed and burnt out, how will you feel once the New Year arrives? Will you be in the same job that makes you miserable? Maybe you won’t be miserable, but you’ll know there is something better out there. How dissatisfied will you feel? There is a strong possibility you may feel worse. That’s a pretty depressing way to start the New Year. Have you stopped to consider why nothing is changing? Is it fear of change? Are you comfortable being uncomfortable? Have you become dependent on a certain level of income?

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I get it! Change is hard. I left a high paying job in the corporate world to pursue a career in direct selling. At the time it seemed crazy. It ended up being the best change I ever made. It was hard work, but I built a business I was proud of. I grew personally as well as professionally. My relationships improved. My mindset changed. I became very grateful for my life and my accomplishments. I was truly happy.

How would your life be different if you let go of procrastination and fear, and made positive changes? The positive change may not be as dramatic as making a career change. It may involve smaller steps to improve your health and wellness. There’s still time this year to make serious impact. If you start making changes today, what will January 1st look like? Will you feel happier and healthier? Will you have a more balanced life? Will your future look brighter? If the answer is yes, I’ll ask you again…what’s stopping you?

If you’re ready to seriously impact the balance of the year, I’d love to be your accountability partner. Don’t put off until next year what you can do now. Waiting never solves anything. It keeps you stuck. You deserve better. Let’s do this!

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