Goals, Possibilities & Positivity!

How do Olympians win gold medals? They wake up every day with a “winner’s mindset.” They visualize the win, how they will feel, how the crowd will react. They have a clear mental picture of success.


What could you accomplish if you visualized achieving your goals? What will achieving your goals feel like? How will your life be? Who will you surround yourself with? How will others perceive you? How will you feel in your own skin?


Today is the day to begin truly visualizing what you want to achieve. Paint a clear mental picture. Focus on it. Go get it!

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When you finally realize that your life is filled with limitless possibilities and that you possess everything you need to manifest your dreams, you’ll finally begin to experience the extraordinary!


How will your life be impacted by this mindset? What will you accomplish? How will you feel? You’ve got this!

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“Emotional set point” by definition, is the median or average, of all your daily emotional highs and lows. Throughout the day you experience different moods or feelings, from joy, appreciation, love, anger, anxiety, sadness and guilt. Your emotional set point determines your energy vibration, whether you are mostly flowing joyful fast energy, or unhappy slow energy.


In one study, stressed employees at a biotechnology firm practiced daily mindfulness for eight weeks. Research showed that individuals can make changes in the brain and shift their emotional set point toward more positive mood states. When individuals are mindful, they are aware of their moods and feelings, and consciously make choices that promote positive thoughts.

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